March 15, 2011

Dream Log #8

This dream was really detailed and long, and I don't remember as much of it as I did this morning. I was tempted to get up and record it so that I'd be able to refresh my memory, but my bed was much too comfy to leave at the time. So I guess I'll try and remember as much as I can for your amusement.

 The "start" of the dream began with me being charge to house-sit or something. I don't recall doing anything up until it starts to get a little strange. I decide to walk around a bit and open some doors. Some rooms are empty, and others have wargs in them for some reason. This part made me laugh a little, but I briefly debating on whether or not I needed to kill a few of them for some deeds. I've been playing  LoTRO way too much. Anyway, when I come back out, a lot of people are standing around in the kitchen, surrounding an island table with some sweets and beverages on it. Everyone is holding some form of container, and some are even reaching for the chocolate and baked stuff and putting them inside. Most of it looked really delicious, so I grabbed a small bowl and started filling it with bags of tea and chocolate bars. Apparently there was some sort of crisis that was about to take place, and confectioneries were the best form of sustenance.  

Some time later (I'm not really sure how long, must've been during a gap I don't remember) and I'm not in the same neighborhood anymore, and I'm not alone either. Instead of the nice suburban area I'd been in previously, I somehow end up in some trashy trailer park with my boyfriend in tow. What I recall the most in this part of the dream was that it was raining pretty heavily and it was dead quiet. Thinking that a little strange, we wander around to some guy's house, where a large number of ravenous dogs and wolves were being hoarded by him. I suppose we let the police/animal services know about the situation, because all of a sudden, I managed to pull all the doors on the pet carriers they'd been kept in simultaneously. The man doesn't like this very much because he starts shouting at us, and even worse, all the dogs start coming for us. Both of us ended up circling around the trailer and find the next trailer over unlocked, so we hide in there. As I was shutting the flimsy door behind us, one of the dog's jaws clamp around my wrist for a second or two, though this doesn't seem to effect me for the rest of the dream. I wasn't even bleeding. 

There's another gap in my memory at this point, but it seemed like the time lost wasn't as much. Still in the trailer, we find that we're now perched somehow off of a freeway overpass or some other wall. It's raining even harder now and in an instant, the metal sheet walls melt away and we're left on rusted support beams, clinging to them for our lives. Turns out that we're actually not too high up, so we slide down and start walking down the streets and sidewalks. At this point in time I assumed that the impending disaster was happening, but looking around I don't remember seeing a whole lot out of place, other than it still being eerily silent. After plodding on for a bit, we find this huge treehouse-esque fort thing standing on several beams. We check it out for a minute and climb inside after deciding that it's safe, or at least better than wandering around in the rain. The strangest part is the next time lapse. It's the shortest of all of them, hardly a few minutes, and it makes the least amount of sense. Suddenly, we're walking down a normally busy area of an unnamed town and I spot a portly guy who smiles at me, only his teeth are sharp with two short prongs where the ends should be flat. I'd been so jarred by this that I stood still for a moment until my boyfriend pulled me along, unaware of this creepy man until I nodded over to him. Then, he guided me in front of him and pulled up my hood, and before I turned my head away, I noticed the man slowly step behind us and begin to follow. That's the very last part I remember, but it was so chilling to me that I didn't really notice until after I'd woken up a little bit and remembered it.

I think this may be the longest entry to date. I like it when my dreams are really detailed and I'm able to remember so much of it. As always, if you have any questions about anything, feel free to leave me a comment below!


  1. I wish I could remember any of my dreams.... Everyone else's always seem so interesting... =c

  2. LOTRO ftw, lol.
    I never remember much about my dreams either. Sounds like you have some pretty interesting ones :p

  3. Wow dude, what the hell do you eat at nights? im gonna tell you something that bothered me for a while. Remember the movie with Willem Dafoe and Edward Furlong (The first John connor of T2) theres a scene that i dreamt i was in a bathroom with Tom Arnold and that he stuck his finger in me like he did in the movie to Edward, SHIT MAN felt bad... i was raped in a dream.

  4. Great post! I wonder why its so fun to read dream logs, I guess they seem to abstract and surreal!

  5. What is the secret to remember dreams?

  6. Not sure if there is one, honestly. Sometimes I remember most of my dreams, and other times I can't recall hardly anything. Maybe there's some kind of science to it, but if there is I'm unaware of it.