October 3, 2010

Faulty Appliances

Ever since I moved into my new house, all the usual household conveniences have had some problems one way or another. The heating unit that we have doesn't quite work and continuously makes a whistling noise that can be lethal combined with a headache. Being cold on top of that certainly doesn't set the right mood. If that wasn't enough right off the bat, the piping system is barely functional in the winter if water isn't constantly running somewhere in the house. When I was first informed of this, I didn't quite understand the magnitude of the potential problem, but I later realized that if such a thing were to happen, said pipes would more than likely rendered unusable until it the spring when it would be warmed up.

One of the few things that actually do work as intended is the stove, which I am happily surprised about. Though my only concern with that is the fact that the back of it is somewhat open and I'm not entirely sure on how intact and worn the wiring is. It sure would be a shame for me to be preparing a meal, when all of a sudden my entire block burst into flames or something. At least then maybe I wouldn't have to worry about paying taxes?


  1. Hey great writing man! Im following you now

  2. My stove broke yesterday, thankfully I have money and went to buy a new one.

    Flat top, infrared burners, self cleaning, stainless shit is so cash.